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5 Reasons Why Healthcare Workers Are Switching To These Shoes

Scientifically proven to increase comfort and relieve footpain.

May 19, 2022 | By Mr. Tom L. Bavlsik, PhD, MD

15,000+ verified 5-star reviews! What is it about these casual looking shoes that makes women and the whole internet to buy them?

Many times when it comes to comfortable footwear, people usually tend to go for these big brands like Sketchers, New Balances, Adidas and more...

But when many of women started buying the ComforthoFit™ shoes like they were the holy grail, analysts wondered:

What is going on? What makes these shoes so special?…

How could a small local orthopedic brand dominate the biggest names in the industry?

After studying the shoes concept and materials, analysts came to 5 conclusions on why women cannot resist getting a pair for themselves.

1. Extremely Lightweight - less than 200g per Shoe

The average weight of an everyday shoe is 600-1000g+. When you are on your feet for a long time (for example, during a 12-hour shift), this weight adds up and can be extremely harmful to your feet if your shoes do not support a healthy foot posture.

The ComforthoFit™ shoes weigh less than 200g per shoe, and it literally feels like walking on clouds.

2. Get Rid of Bunions, Arthritis, Corns and Plantar Fasciitis!

The premium orthopedic insoles' arch booster and arch support help with common foot pains and problems.

With our stretch knit material and ergonomically designed sole, your bunion pain will quickly disappear when wearing the shoes.

3. Ultra-comfortable - Feels Like Walking on Clouds

Each model has been designed by experts in the shoe and orthopedic industry and perfected over the last 2 decades.

There have always been certain orthopedic shoes on the market, but specialists call the shoes from ComforthoFit™ "revolutionary“ and the solution to modern foot pain.

The shoes‘ soles are so soft and comfortable that it literally feels like you are walking on clouds.

Due to the breathable material, the shoes are perfect for warm summer days. This has forever solved the problem of sweaty feet on sunny days.

4. Adjust Quickly to Every Foot

The ComforthoFit™ shoes have been designed elastically to adjust to fit every foot.

Finally, you can get rid of foot problems like Calluses because these shoes handle your feet much more carefully.

The extremely soft premium material used for these shoes makes it possible to adjust to each foot size.

5. Recommended by Doctors

Experts in the industry have been recommending these shoes to anyone with foot problems and people who spend a lot of time standing/walking. Often the shoes are recommended to elderly patients.

The shoes include premium orthotic insoles to improve posture and relief pain in your feet.

Thousands of customers attest to the shoes‘ quality all over social media.

Can I Buy a Pair?
Right now there is a limited amount of stock available on the brands website.

They are offering a special limited time discount with 50% on your first order.

Because of the virality of the brand on social media, the shoes have sold out 3x in the last 6 months. Therefore be quick and get yours while you can.

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