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Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is your refund policy? What is the 60 Day Wear Test Guarantee
      We are so confident in our shoes and the technology that we offer a bold 60 day wear test. If you are not 100% happy with how the shoes fit, and if you still have pain, you'll get your full money back.

    2. How long will it take until I receive my order?
      We normally ship your order within two business days after placing the order. The delivery time depends on where you are located but normally it ranges from 8-12 business days for arrival.

    3. Can I return my order?
      Yes of course. Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive the full refund as this process involves sending the product back to our warehouse and then processing the refund.

    4. Are orthopedic shoes covered by insurance?
      Yes, normally orthopedic shoes do get covered by insurance. Please ask your medical advisor if this purchase will get covered for you.

    5. How much is the shipping cost?
      Currently we have an offer running that covers free worldwide shipping on all orders placed. Grab your pair now while this offer applies.

    6. Where can I track my order?
      We have a dedicated tracking page here.

    7. Can I change/cancel my order?
      Please email us info@comforthofit.com immediately if you want to change or cancel your order. Our orders are automatically proceeded from the warehouse to the shipping carrier but we'll try to do our best.